​Our Chief Executive Officer

Delmus Nelson:

He has over 30 years

experience in the field of welding,

providing world class craftsmanship

and customer service to institutional, commercial and residential clients.

He believes in second chances; especially for returning citizens. With this said, he understands the challenges and fearful dynamics of starting over and for this reason SEWC consist of more than just training. 

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Camera Man working with students on a freelance assignment for the  "Liter Letter Project"  By Anacostia River Keeper. 

Community Day: Woodland Terrace Cohort 

Quality Training and Culturally Sensitive Support


To fill a gap in services and workforce development opportunities for returning citizens,  assisting them in removing barriers to education and employment. To do this we must  work collaboratively with students toward completion of our program and  their success.


 Since 2015 we have assisted over 100 students to fulfill their potential through case management, training and job placement assistance. We do this through personalized instruction, while working closely with the classroom teachers and peer to peer support. We foster learning in an environment conducive to retention and skills gain. We also provide onsite supportive services.

Welcome to the Southeast Welding Center

​​​Why the Southeast Welding Center?

We are Veteran Experienced and Certified with over 40 years of experience

We provide quality education and training that prepares students for long term success. 

We Are an Ecasas Testing site, providing adult basic education and occupational skills training services. 

Our Staff are extraordinary industry leaders, with a talent to motivate and inspire others to greater levels of productivity...

       Our Instructors

  • All Southeast Welding Center teachers are licensed to teach by the state.

  • Many also have certifications or licenses for specific

  • areas associated with welding such as

  • Basic Shielded Metal ARC Welding,

  • Metal Pipe Welding,

  • Advanced Welding,

  • Oxxy-Fuel Plasma Welding & Cutting,

  • Gas Metal ARC Welding and Gas Tungsten

  • ARC Welding

  • ultimately exceeding industry standards.