• We are consumer focused 
  • We are charitable and not for profit
  • We are highly skilled in Welding
  • We  have a proven track record in the industry 
  • Our Founder is a stakeholder in the community 
  • We support our students beyond certification
  • Our Logic Model provokes positive change

Southeast Welding Center was founded on the belief that all returning citizens deserve a second chance, and the opportunity to rebuild their lives (without the use of criminal activity). 

Our Philosophy

All efforts to help should deal directly with individual barriers to success, social  and cultural challenges; coupled  with  employment skills and opportunities  in order to  "Make A Real Difference'.


Fabrication of letter shaped trash cans by Students of Southeast Welding Academy under the leadership of our parent company; Nelson's Welding. Thank You Anacostia River Keepers for this opportunity. 

Students hard at wok doing  a Freelance Project for Anacostia River Keeper's Liter Letter Project

Board of Directors


  • Jessie Johnson- President

  • Denise Boatwright - Vice President

  • Cheryl Daniels - Secretary

  • Anita Perry - Treasure

  • Delmus Nelson - Board Member 

  • Marsha Woodland - Board Member 

  • Gettis Clair - Board Member 

About Us

Welding Instructor Renee Sims

Quality Training and Culturally Sensitive Support

 ​Our Organization